Thursday, November 17, 2011

For anyone local who reads this, please support Amberley Kowalski in her fight to kick cancer.!/pages/Amberley-Kowalskis-Kickin-Cancer-Benefit/273003012736081  There is a benefit at Crandall's Dec 12.  I am doing an Avon fundraiser as well.  They are working on rolling out a website for Amberley, I'm sure they will announce the url on her FB page. 

Welcome Susan to my Avon family!  Also a premature welcome to Dawn, who will be joining us on Saturday.  Welcome ladies!   Oh and Sheila's baby....cute cute cute!!!    Good job Momma.  :)

Ugh...I hate this time of the year.  It gets dark sooooo early.  Now that I'm working evenings and nights it feels like there is only about 2 hours of daylight even if I get up at 8 am.  lol   Thankfully it is only about a month until the days start getting longer.

What a great coincidence!!  The shortest day of the year (this year) is Dec 22...which means on Dec 23 it will be lighter for just a little grandson will be born that day.  What a testament to the light he will shine on us all!!  

Along with shorter days we get colder.  It was down in the 20's last night...brrr   Time to bring out the dog sweaters.  I'll be sure to post some pics.  Believe me, he is adorable-with or without a sweater.  :D  I don't like the cold either.  Give me sunshine, lots of sunshine, and warmth.  My neighbors abandoned us and went to FL again this year.  Lucky them!! 

With Thanksgiving next week, we should all take a moment to reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for.  Even when it feels we have everything/everyone working against us, there are still so many good things in our lives, we just need to keep the good in the forefront, the rest should work itself out. 

Only 37 days till Christmas!!!   Shop early and from home at   Free delivery (direct to your home) for orders over $30. Enjoy your holiday season. 


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