Sunday, June 26, 2011

Root Beer Floats

Last night a friend (Jill) and I went to the drive-in!!  We saw Cars 2 and the new Pirates of the Caribbean .  More important than the actual movie was a good time with a friend.  We each brought a cooler of goodies and gobbled junk food and talked for 4 hours.  A W E S O M E! ! !     Funnel cakes, jellied fruit slices, Hershey's chocolate bars, honey/mustard pretzels and our pièce de résistance...root beer floats!!

Work has changed my schedule again after the official deadline...sigh.  Its not that I mind the extra hours or that today is now my only day off this week (and I'm sure I'll be working next Sunday and Monday since it is 4th of July..more than 7 days in a row), but the fact that the schedule isn't final until Friday at 6 pm which makes it hard enough to make plans for a personal life and now when you do make plans they can just change their schedule at will without regard to their employees.  If that isn't a long run-on sentence, I don't know what  Seriously Meijer....writing a schedule really isn't all THAT hard, lets write one and stick with it!!

My youngest got to hear her baby's heartbeat on Friday.   yay!  Beating at 155...that is girl territory.  My step-niece will be finding out if she is having a boy or a girl in July so my daughter should be finding out in August.  That seems like an eternity away. 

My youngest also gets all the blame for my current creative streak in the kitchen as she has me watching the Food Network.   I haven't gotten any complaints about this yet. I'll let you know when we are eating boxed macaroni and cheese because of a failed recipe.  ;)  I plan on trying my hand at home-made bacon in the near future!

Tuesday my Avon District Manager and I are going recruiting for new representatives.  Wish us luck, I would like to come away with no less than 3 new people.  There is still time to order from my website ( and take advantage of my previously mentioned web special.   You can also sign up to sell Avon at using reference code sherylsalmons for only $20!  Where else can you start a business for $20?!?!

Time for me to go out and cut some branches away from the phone lines.  Every time the wind blows the phone crackles and disconnects...aggravating!!!  I want to have it done before the granddaughter gets here.

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